How to Place a Straight Bet

A straight bet is a single wager on the outcome of a single event or game. Depending on the line-type, the outright winner, the spread or a combined total of both teams decide whether you win or lose. The confirmed price at the time you placed your wager, will determine the amount you win, with certain exceptions.


  1. All straight bets are single wagers which outcome is Win, Loss or Push (Tie, No Action, and/or Cancelled) based on the event or game wagered on.
  2. All have standard odds (-110) and pay 10/11 unless otherwise noted.
  3. The line taken when the wager is placed will remain regardless of subsequent line fluctuation on Wagershack.NET lines, except on Baseball Money Lines Straight Wagers (please review Baseball regulations).
  4. Ties, Cancellations, Pushes and No Action wagers, for whatever reasons they occur, will result in wager amounts being returned to the client’s account.
  5. Each Prop wager has different set of rules so please contact us if you don't understand those regulations.